American Sales Co & Foundry - St Louis MO
Manufacturer's Representatives for the Plumbing Industry
American Sales Co. serving the eastern Missouri and the central and southern Illinois areas.

Our knowledgable sales staff of Jim Bobbitt, Mike Costello, Dan Costello, Mary Argus and Patty Costello can be reached at
314-231-6114 Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm CST.

American Sales Co. was a division of and still represents American Foundry Mfg Co, manufacturers of fire hydrants, hydrant repair parts and products for the plumbing and water works industry since 1888.

Fax: 314-231-6117

920 Palm Street

Saint Louis, MO 63147

Established 1945

Our Manufacturers:
  • Sloan Flush Valves
    Sensor and Manual Valves
  • Sloan Commercial Sinks
    Vitreous and Solid Surface Sinks
  • JR Smith Manufacturing
    Floor, Roof and Trench Drains
    Surface Grating and Drainage
    Storm Water Backup Protection
  • Amtekco Commercial Stainless Steel Sinks
    Service Tables, Food Service Industry
  • T&S Brass Commercial Faucets
    Sensor & Manual Faucets
  • ACO Surface Drains
    Fiberglass & Polyconcrete Trench
  • Chronomite Laboratories, Inc.
    Tankless Electric Water Heaters
  • Acorn Safety
    Emergency Shower and Eye Wash
  • Elmdoor Access Panels
    Wall and Ceiling Panels
    Electric Water Coolers
    Outdoor Drinking Fountains
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